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    1.Containerized Multimodal Transportation to Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

    Russia and CIS are our major regions we ship to. We provide full set of logistics and freight forwarding services to anywhere in Russian Federation along with some of the most common ports and destinations:
    1. Russia: We provide ocean and inland transportation from China anywhere in Russia at low cost and best service in the shipping industry. Request our friendly and quick quote for sea freight deliveries from China to Russia.
    o St. Petersburg
    o Novorossiysk
    o Vladivostok
    o Vostochny
    And we offer full range of multimodal transportation truck rail from Norossiysk to Samara,Kazan,Sochi,Mosow,St Petersburg and from Vostochny/Vladivosttok to Inland cities of Siberia.
    2. Ukraine: sea freight deliveries, ocean and inland transportation
    o Odessa
    o Ilyichevsk
    3. Poland: we offer full range of multimodal transportation truck rail and ocean from China to the following cities in Poland
    o Gdynia
    o Gdansk
    4. Lithuania/Latvia: we provide fine logistic service from China to the major cities in Klaipeda,Riga,

    2.Full Container Load Shipping - FCL

    is shipping whole container load from one place to another in ocean container and involves one exporter and one consignee. The process involves pre carriage of sea container from the depot container yard, loading at shipper location, returning back the container to the pier and further international shipping to nominated destination. Methods of FCL ocean container shipping • Live Load • Drop and Pick • Warehouse - Terminal Loading • Port Delivery - Ocean Freight Only FCL ocean freight transportation • Door to Door transportation • Door to Port transportation • Port to Port transportation • Port to Door transportation Less Than a Container Load Container Shipping – LCL

    3. Air Freight

    As an air freight forwarder COUNTRY OCEAN is the best solutions for your cargo shipping, regardless small or large we are ready to satisfy your air cargo shipping needs with optimal care.
    Our customers can enjoy full regional air freight forwarder coverage in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We have special air cargo shipping services to Europe, Russia and Central Asia. We are well equipped air freight forwarder with state of the art software and experienced logistic personal is available to provide you with top service for your air import, export international and domestic shipments.
    In general air cargo is transported in units load devices (ULD). Any over sized air shipment with dimensions exceeding the form of ULD will require special handling packaging and pricing. We as an air freight forwarder can provide all the additional services needed for your air cargo shipping such as packing, bracing, crating, secure movement complying with air cargo standards and requirements. We provide on-line cargo tracking in real time and full shipping details.

    4. Warehousing


We provide our customers with nationwide warehousing service and consolidation. For all international import and export shipments we offer bonded warehouse facilities. Our Bonded warehouse provides state-of-the-art security, inventory control and distribution service.
We offer full range of warehouse service in our secure storage facilities prepare the load for international shipment:

  • Ocean Freight Warehouse Consolidation
  • Air Freight Warehouse Consolidation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cross Dock Services
  • Special Labeling & Packaging (crate, box, palletize)
  • Full Service Warehousing Solutions
  • Inventory and Transportation Warehouse Management

To meet each client’s business objectives, our experienced logistics will find the best routing and most optimized warehouse consolidation according their needs and requirements. We keep close cargo control and strict security procedures to reduce the shipping cost and meet our customer’s satisfaction and requirements.

We provide an efficient warehouse cross-dock service that requires precision timing and coordination of ocean freight container receiving, vessel voyage schedules and further delivery of the goods to its final destination. Imported goods are sorted and directed to regional distribution centers based upon client requirements.


    5. Freight consolidation


No matter you are shipping air, ocean or inland; we can consolidate your freight through our worldwide warehouse facilities, providing you with the best freight consolidation service for your needs. For smaller less than a container loads “LCL”, full container loads “FCL” or large multi modal projects we will provide you with on time shipment coordination, safe and secure warehouse facility, superior customer service and deliver the consolidated freight anywhere in the world. For inbound or outbound international shipment consolidation we can provide our customer with customs bond and bonded warehouse facilities for your ocean or air consolidation.

Freight consolidation can help you reduce the shipping cost by moving In LCL volumes of goods together. In order to optimize export, import consolidation time and cost, we offer combining load consolidation of several consignees into one consolidated load. This includes air, ocean and inland freight consolidation.

Our experience team is ready to pack, brace, crate, load and secure your consolidated container cargo for the best of your needs and international shipping requirements. Our professional agents will monitor and track every step and detail of the air / ocean /inland freight consolidation and provide you with the best solutions for your consolidated load.

    6. Cargo Insurance


offers full package of affordable marine cargo insurance coverage for your cargo transportations by truck, rail, ocean and air. We advise our customer to protect their business and cargo shipments by purchasing cargo shipping marine insurance. Our customer team will provide you with instant quote and the best cargo insurance rates for your shipment.

We provide quick and easy multi-modal marine cargo insurance. We can insure your freight for a partial (ocean, rail and truck) or the whole transportation. Just provide us with cargo type (cars, boats, household goods and commercial freight), value and destination and you will get your marine cargo insurance quote momentarily.

Single Shipment and Open Cover Insurance

Single Voyage Policy is the most common marine cargo insurance coverage. It provides protection for a particular voyage and freight from the time of cargo departures until it reaches the final destination. This policy is especially suitable for single ocean container insurance coverage.  

Open Cover insures multiple shipments or shipping projects on a larger scale. Coverage is provided for specific time period and commodity, within terms and conditions in the marine cargo insurance agreement. Marine insurance terms are agreed in advance for specific voyages, cargo value, commodity packing and rates. Open cover marine cargo insurance agreement is really convenient for businesses with frequent shipments; the cargo is automatically covered as long it follows the terms of the agreements.  

Marine Cargo Insurance Coverages

All Risk Insurance Coverage - include any door to door, partial or total cargo loss while in transit. This policy covers against theft, pilferage and damage from physical and external cause. All Risk provides the broadest coverage available on the transportation market and is subject to relatively small deductible with very little exclusion such as improper packaging, misconduct by the insurer, nuclear events. Deductible of sea freight marine cargo insurance varies based on cargo value, packing, commodity group and category, etc.

Total Loss Insurance covers entire shipment against total loss, usually used for low value ocean shipments, not compensating against partial loss or theft. Total loss marine cargo insurance protect for specific transport related operations like collision, fire, nature's related disaster, vessel stranding or sinking etc. Total loss ocean coverage, insures all goods new, used, refurbished and do not require special packaging or loading. Usually no deductible is required.

Standard Marine Cargo Insurance also known as Basic Risk Coverage insures freight damage or loss to portion of the cargo while in transportation. This marine freight container insurance provides protection for total or partial loss depending on customer requirements and is available for all goods and terms.

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